About Spray-Tech

Spray-Tech Weed Control was established in 2009 and offers a specialist service for the control of noxious & environmental weeds.

Based at Timboon in Victoria, Spray-Tech operates throughout the South-west of Victoria providing services to private landholders, government agencies, community groups and commercial enterprises.
We also undertake weed control works in other areas of the state.

All herbicides used by Spray-Tech are approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). We are ChemCert accredited, this ensures we have the training required to handle them appropriately.

Our efficient spraying equipment along with our knowledge in selecting the safest and most effective herbicide for your particular weed problem will:

  1. Improve and speed up the control / eradication process.
  2. Minimise the risk to sensitive species & natural ecosystems.
  3. Save you time and money.

Spray-Tech holds the industry based qualifications that are required to legaly operate a commercial spraying business (ChemCert, Commercial Operator Licence) as well as other important requirements such as insurance, etc.

  • Commercial Operators (Ground Spraying) License, (No. 1020).
  • ChemCert Level 3 accreditation.
  • Full Public Liability insurance to $10 million.
  • Member of the Victorian Groundsprayers Association.

The experience generated from many years of involvement in exotic plant & animal control programs at both a private & community level plays an important factor in our ability to achieve successful control and prevention of invasive species. A long term involvement in Landcare combining biodiversity protection with agricultural productivity adds to this experience.


If you require assistance in managing any invasive weed problem, give Dean a call.


Specializing in

  • Spot-spraying of Noxious & invasive woody weeds (Blackberry, Gorse, Boxthorn, etc).
  • Selective control of weeds in high conservation value areas such as forests, woodlands and waterways.
  • Re-vegetation site preparation such as the spraying of tree circles.
  • Stem injection of large woody weeds (Hawthorn etc).
  • Broad-acre boom spraying of weeds & pests in pastures & crops.

The equipment & methods we use

  • Remote controlled "Quik Reel" for spot spraying to a 160m radius in any direction from the vechicle. Suitable for rough or steep terain.
  • Custon built 12m boom spray with computerized rate application, GPS guidance & 'low drift' air induction nozzles.
  • Variable width boomless spray (up to 10m) for applications where the standard boomspray is not suitable, such as forestry etc.